A smart, fun and creative innovation that lets you make your own bouquets with amazing result, every time.
The hanataba is a patentpending innovation

Choose your favorite flowers, put them i the hanataba and twist. Thats how easy you make an amazing bouquet!

Hanataba is the japanese word for bouquet. The hanataba uses the same technique as a florist does when making bouquets, The Dutch spiral.
That means that the stems are always placed in the same direction and never crosses each other. The reason to do this is to give the bouquet volume and stabilize the stems.

This is how it works

  • Choose your flowers and green. 2-3  sorts of flowers. Add green, grass, etc. Mix whatever you like
  • If they fit, you can put more than one stem in each hole.
  • Twist the upper lid to desired position. Make sure that the holes are aligned parallell over each other. Note that the more you "open" the lid, the bigger volume when closed.
  • Place the flowers however you like thru the upper and lower holes to your desired lenght. Cut the stems where you prefer.
  • Use both hands to "close" the hanataba and "voila! Be careful so you dont break the stems. 
  • Tip: When in mountingposition, put a piece of addhesive tape over the lid and bottom so the dont move when putting in the flowers.
  • Tip: Put more than one stem in the centerhole and the holes closest to the center som the stems dont fall thru.


Impressive result - every time

One of the most amazing benefits with the hanataba, is that the bouquets fit in most vases. Thanks to the amazing volume you can even put your creations on a plate with water wich gives the bouquet a brand new expession.

A self-balancing bouquet is hard for even a professional florist to achive. You and your hanataba does that easiliy.
You can use the hanataba over and over and you will soon discover how fun it is to make bouquets that impresses.